The goal of the "Behind the Scenes Sunday" is that visitors and staff from other ICF’s or other churches can have a look behind the scenes of ICF Zurich on Sunday and receive a further education.

Everyone gets a headphone and an overview of the different channels on site. For each area, there is one person who constantly comments and explains what is happening right at that moment. On other channels, you will be able to listen the intercom, talkback, videolines, etc.


The "Behind the Scenes Sunday" takes place once a year on the following date:

Sunday September 29, 2019

Time: 7:30 - 14:30
Registration required!

This day is for free for you and your team.

Location: ICF Zürich, Samsung Hall

Schedule of the day

Depending on the area: MEETING POINT: short information / instruction headphones

7:30am until 12:30pm TOUR: Listen to the instructions and background
information on different channels and experience the

1:00pm LUNCH: united lunch incl. sharing and Q&A in the
different departments

ca. 2:30pm official conclusion

ab 2:45pm optionally experience soundcheck, rehearsals and process
without explanation