We have the best message in the world. We want to pass this on to people in the best possible way. Art, music and creativity have a power to move people in a special and long-lasting way. In this module, we will give you foundations, tools and practical tips for the areas of worship, visual arts and performing arts.


ICF Creative - Basics

Worship - What is needed to create powerful worship?
- What is our ICF Style (stage, language, inputs, etc.)
- Everything is possible (how can we reach our goals step by step? - Next step principle)

Visual Arts - How does the collaboration between designers and videographers function?
- How do we tell stories and why is it important to tell stories from the church in the church?
- Tips that make life easier.
- Corporate Design, what is that and why do we want it?

Performing Arts - Everything is possible (how can we reach our goals step by step? - Next step principle)
-story telling
-stage presence -dramaturgy / red thread
-The power of arts in the Celebration
-Why is creativity and are important in the church?


Simon Lämmle
Tamara Fontjin
Dave Kull
Dom Laim
Ruben Stutz
Andreas Kranzler
Detlev Reich
Silas Pohl
Marco Bäni


Date: 24.01.2020 / 25.01.2020
Time: 8:30 - 17:00
Cost: CHF 260 / CHF 180*
Location: ICF Zürich, Samsung Hall, ICF Center

*For Non-Swiss residents

Specials in addition to the modules

We would like to offer you the possibility of seeing how church is planned and implemented. The following SPECIALS allow you to see behind the scenes.

Our Team Night United of ICF CREATIVE takes place every Thursday before the module (start 7:00 pm).
All ministries that help with the ICF Production meet together.
More details here