For young people things can be colorful and wild, however the older generation likes things to be quieter. Each target group has different needs. You will learn how you can offer age-appropriate celebrations and communities, how a multisite church is built up and how a church functions with a matrix structure.


-Celebrations, groups and events for various generations and target groups
- Youth development across the age groups
- One Church - Many Locations. Local church through many locations
- Matrix structure lives across various pastoral vessels


Paul Sieber
Silas Ulrich
Priscilla Rohner
Ursula Schmitter
Alexa Zulauf
Joël Vögeli


20.11.2020 / 21.11.2020
Time: 8:30 - 17:00
Cost: CHF 260 / CHF 180*
Location: ICF Zürich, Samsung Hall, ICF Center

*For Non-Swiss residents

Specials in addition to the modules

We would like to offer you the possibility of seeing how church is planned and implemented. The following SPECIALS allow you to see behind the scenes.

Our Team Night United of ICF CREATIVE takes place every Thursday before the module (start 7:00 pm).
All ministries that help with the ICF Production meet together.
More details here