Attacking where it needs me

If you just want to get started, there are for example the following areas where you could help:

Structure and logistics

So that the people feel at home and comfortable on Sunday, many hands help to set up chairs, bookcases and decoration, set up the stage, lay out flyers and empty buckets. Would you like to help and help out?

Help in our workshop

If you want to make a practical difference with your hands, our workshop might be the right place for you. It doesn’t matter if you are talented in handicraft or not, helpful people will guide you and support you. Or you can lead other people yourself...

Helping people practically

Sometimes it doesn’t take much ... two hands and a pair of legs. You can help people in a practical and easy way - for example, a single mother moving, an elderly man shopping or spring-cleaning.

These are just a few examples – there are many more possibilities.

Interested? Get in touch!