Hospitality has many faces

Is it important to you that people feel comfortable? Then there are for example the following areas in which you could help:

Leading people to their place

No matter if someone arrives by public transport, on foot through the main entrance, by car in the underground car park or is looking for his place in the hall, we want to welcome people warmly and help them to find the right place.

Spoiling people culinarily

No matter whether you peel carrots in the kitchen, put the pizza in the oven, prepare breakfast for the crew backstage or enchant the visitors with exclusive latte art - where there is good food and fine drinks, good fellowship is usually not far away...

Creating a warm home

So that the people feel at home and comfortable on Sunday, many hands are involved: Putting up chairs, bookshelves and decoration, setting up the stage, laying out flyers and emptying buckets. Would you like to help and help out?

These are just a few examples – there are many more possibilities.

Interested? Get in touch!