Social Care

If you love to help other people in need, there are for example the following areas where you could help:

Consultations & Contact Point

If you have expertise from the social and financial world, you can offer your know-how and help with professional, financial or personal challenges in personal interviews.

Provide practical help

Sometimes it doesn’t take much ... two hands and a pair of legs. You can help people in a practical and easy way - for example, a single mother moving, an elderly man shopping or spring-cleaning. Or you can guide people in our workshop for handicrafts and other work...

Praying for people

If you have a passion for prayer and healing, you will receive training from us. We offer spiritual help and guidance as part of a team, in complex and difficult life situations. The goal of prayer ministry is to experience God’s healing power through prayer.

These are just a few examples – there are many more possibilities.

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