Technology or administration

If technology or administration and organization is a passion of yours, there are for example the following areas in which you could help:

Inspire with light, image & sound

Are you creative and interested in technology? With us you can create atmosphere and emotions in the hall with the most modern equipment and carry them out into the world.

Creating digital solutions

Does your heart beat 0 and 1 or do you eat Rasperry-Pi for breakfast? Our church relies heavily on digital tools. Be it for streaming our services, or the administration of our groups, up to the organization of a camp with apps and spreadsheets...

Organize & Help

Do you have a sense of order or do you just like to help diligently? In the area of organization and administration there are many ways to help. From extensive and complex tasks, like organizing an event or camp, to the simple but valuable sorting and folding of flyers.

Structure and logistics

So that the people feel at home and comfortable on Sunday, many hands help to set up chairs, bookcases and decoration, set up the stage, lay out flyers and empty buckets. Would you like to help and help out?

These are just a few examples – there are many more possibilities.

Interested? Get in touch...