After the latest tightening of September 13, you can still easily and spontaneously come to the ICF Church in the Samsung Hall in Zurich. No pre-registration is necessary.

In the Samsung Hall we have enough space for everyone. You can experience the Celebration in the big hall or on the hall balcony: Loud, happy and passionate. Or in the loft on the 2nd floor with live worship, message via screen and cozy ambience (no loft setting at 5 pm). Each setting has a separate entrance and exit, as well as its own toilets.

We also have room for all the kids with the current regulations and so you can easily bring your kids for the 9:30am and the 11:30am Celebration. It’s best to come early enough to check in the kids and not miss the pre-program 10 minutes before Celebration starts.

We look forward to welcoming you on site or online!


Protection concept & contact tracing

Our aim is to ensure the greatest possible safety for all visitors on site. For this reason, we have defined the following measures for our events:

In addition to a setting with a certificate in the hall, there are also several settings on site, each with 50 places without a certificate (9:30am / 11:30am & 7pm; at the 5pm English Celebration there are only multiple rooms without certificate available). Each setting has its own entrance, exit and toilets. There is a disinfection station at each entrance.
There is contact tracing in the settings. You can easily fill this out on site with your smartphone. If you don’t have a smartphone, you can approach one of our staff at the exit. They will help you. In all certificate-free zones, masks are compulsory from the age of 12. The general distance and hygiene rules also apply.

Please remember to bring your own mask. If at any time you do not feel fit, please stay at home.

We have committed ourselves with the label “Clean & Safe” to adhere to the protection concept. The police have also been on site several times and have always found our protection concepts to be very good.

The protection of the people in our church and compliance with the prescribed measures is important to us. Therefore, we ask that you too, if you are on-site as a visitor, adhere to the appropriate guidelines. If you want to stay at home you can always watch the live stream on Youtube!

Clean & Safe
Further information

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I WOULD LIKE TO COME BYLIVESTREAM (German 9:30 am, 11:30am, 7 pm)LIVESTREAM (English, 5 pm)