Emotional and spiritual support

In Groups

When life shows its rough side, your heart gets hurt. Especially in these times, you need people in your life whom you trust and who are there for you. Jesus says in Matthew 18:20:For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” In the Small Groups and teams, the smallest unit of our church, you experience exactly this, because Jesus works powerfully in the community. 

Prayer Counseling

You are part of a Small Group or a team of ICF Zurich or an ICF Zurich Location. Then our counseling is the right offer for you! If you are not part of a Small Group or team, we can refer you to external services.

Changes will occur if you do not close your eyes to the truth, place your hope in God and recognize your own responsibility. Our trained team will accompany you in emotional or spiritual challenges. 

In counseling you will be set free from needs, burdens, and captivity. The aim of the counseling is to develop a sustainable faith together with God’s help and have the ability to lead your own life powerfully and full of strength. 

Counseling can be helpful in the following complex and difficult life situations: 

  • Burnout symptoms
  • Addiction
  • Abuse
  • Excessive demands in life
  • Working through the past
  • Dramatic experiences (suicide, death, etc.)
  • Complex family situations (patchwork, etc.)

Prayer counseling:
We work in a team of 1-2 counselors together with an intercession team. It takes place in the ICF Centre of The Hall in Dübendorf.

Individual counseling:
A complex situation often requires a process. The counseling then consists of 3-5 meetings of approx. 1.5 hours each and takes place in the ICF Centre at The Hall in Dübendorf.

We work together with various external counselors, doctors, therapists, and institutions. External counselors are subject to a fee.