You are unique – as are your skills and resources with which you can help. In a Team Group you will experience great community and can develop your potential.


No matter if you are a specialist or if you don’t really know how and where you could help – your possibilities to become part of a Team Group are manifold.

People Person

Do you love contact with people and enjoy meeting new people? Thanks to your inviting nature, the people around you feel comfortable. Sometimes a smile without many words is enough to help...

Technology or Organization

Are you interested in audio, video or lighting technology? Are you a developer or do you love to bring order into chaos? The possibilities in this area are very diverse - in some areas you don’t need any previous knowledge...

Helpful & Hospitable

Does your pulse raise when you are able to put a smile on the face of others through your hospitality? Or do you prefer to say in the background and make sure that the visitors have a seat or that the band is well fed...

Creativity & Art

Do you love to give free rein to your creativity? No matter if it’s music, dance and acting or equipped with hammer, scissors or camera and computer - you can use your creativity in many ways! Are you still not quite sure how to do it? How about an extra role in one of our musicals?

Helping others

Do the mental, spiritual or physical needs of other people not leave you cold? Just as varied as our needs and challenges are the ways in which we can help each other. Use your know-how, your time and energy to support others - no matter if on a selective or regular basis.

Here to serve

Do you like to be practical, or are you still not sure what your gifts and passions are? That doesn’t matter, we all have two hands and feet and with these we can already move a lot - even with two left hands Dave and his team can guide you in our workshop to create wonderful things...