Ready for the adventure of your life?

A healthy marriage is an incredible source of power and can positively change not only your life but also society. We are thrilled about your decision to be lovingly together for a lifetime. We support you all the way for that your marriage will be a lasting success – in good times and in bad times.

Ready for Marriage

We are convinced that love is neither chance nor fate, but an investment in the relationship with a person with whom you want to remain faithfully connected for a lifetime. We encourage you to invest time in preparing for your marriage. Experienced couples provide you with tools to make your marriage strong as a magnificent tree. Best time to attend the course is one year before the wedding date.

Chose the next possible weekend and sign up. The Workshop will be only held in German.

We will support you

We will do our best to make your wedding the most beautiful day of your life. Are you looking for a pastor, a band, contacts or information about the planning and realization of your wedding? We will support you. Please ask for a pastor and a band early, preferably one year before the wedding date.