REACH BEYOND – is our annual fundraising campaign. It enables us to reach more people for Jesus, meet needs, expand our church locally and start new ones globally.


He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.”
– Mark 16:15 | The Bible (NIV)

God works miracles. For thousands of years, he has used the events of history to build his kingdom and establish his reign. In the New Testament, Paul deliberately uses the streets of Rome to preach the gospel. Strategically, he is reaching out to the scattered Jewish people to evangelize, encourage, and build God’s Church. The streets of Rome connected Christians in many different ways and enabled the message of salvation to be spread.

We are still connected today. More than ever before, we are connected through digitization. As a church,  digitization helps us to reach people through these “streets of Rome” today. This year, the Reach Beyond Offering will again be used specifically for our online areas such as YouTube, the Church App, Church Online, and other digitization projects such as the XR Studio. We want to be a church that invests in the future and has options to bring the gospel – the message of salvation – to people in an authentic and contemporary way.

REACH BEYOND means becoming one with the heart of God. Together we can do so much good with our generosity. No matter how many resources you have: Each and every one of us can contribute something. We invite you to be a part of what God has laid on our hearts for Reach Beyond 2023. Together we can make a difference.


Leo & Susanna Bigger
Senior Pastors – ICF Church