A New Church Experience

Our Highlight every Sunday are the Celebrations – our weekly church services. And we want them to be something different: loud, joyful and passionate.

Place & Time

29 May 2022 – René & Ilana Schubert (AT)

Amazing Sunday: Am I ready to meet Jesus?

09:30 CELEBRATION – live 
with ICF Kids 0-12 y.
Churchbox at 9:20
Celebration in German
11:30 CELEBRATION – live
with ICF Kids 0-12 y. & Oneighty 13-15 y.
Translation: English, Portuguese & Sign language
Please bring your mobile phone and headphone
Churchbox at 11:20
Celebration German
17:00 CELEBRATION – live
English Service
Translation: Russian
Please bring your mobile phone and headphone
with ICF Kids english
Celebration in English
Pre-Show at 18:55
Celebration for young adults in Swiss German

ICF Church

Samsung Hall
Hoffnigstrasse 1
8600 Dübendorf

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