ICF Church (Zurich) is a free, non-denominational church with a biblical foundation. Authentic, relevant and excited about life with Jesus.

ICF means International Christian Fellowship. We are a christian church – fresh, creative, innovative and sometimes a little bit crazy. Getting people excited for a life with Jesus Christ is our vision.

We are a church, where all people can experience and get to know God personally. We can have relationships with other people. We can use and develop our talents and abilities. We want to bring the best news ever – that God loves us people and wants to have a personal relationship with us – in a fresh way. With inspiring music, practical preachings, up-to-date multimedia and together with every person who contributes, the dream becomes reality.

We welcome you warmly to our ICF Zürich English Celebration at 5pm. We are a church that is here to serve people, not the other way around. If you have any questions, our community pastors will happily answer them via email or in person after the Celebration in the Coming Home Group.

Welcome, it’s awesome to have you with us!

Leo & Susanna

Senior Pastors ICF Zürich & ICF Movement